Convergence on Aurora: a site visit, Part 2

On Thursday January 9 our class braved the rain to walk along Aurora, soaking in the atmosphere, sounds, and pungent smells of the street. Students reflected on what they experienced verbally and visually. Here are some thoughts on food, sound, and seediness,:

Tyson Hiffman

Tyson Hiffman - Aurora - FOOD CULTURE Tyson Hiffman - Aurora - SOUND Tyson Hiffman - Aurora - XXX

Pamanee Chaiwat

PamaneeC_Assignment1My perception for Aurora Avenue as a pedestrian is reflected by this modification of “HD traffic” 2009 by John F. Simin Jr. This software artwork is inspired by Piet Mondrain’s painting “Broadway Boogie Woogie”:

  • Cubist and square composition in comparison to grid system of urban planning.
  • Contrast of primary color on colorless background that symbolizes dazzling light and signage at night time.
  • Wording that explains personal perception which were unsystematically arranged to reflect the feeling of walking along Aurora Avenue.

Nikky Zhang

Nikky Zhang Site visit


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