Convergence on Aurora: a site visit, Part 3

On Thursday January 9 our class braved the rain to walk along Aurora, soaking in the atmosphere, sounds, and pungent smells of the street. Students reflected on what they experienced verbally and visually. Here are some visual catalogs:

Carolyn Foster

Convergence of the static built environment with speeding cars:


Convergence of messages to passengers in vehicles with messages to observant pedestrians:


Convergence of different modes of transportation: biking, busing, driving, legally crossing, and jaywalking:


Angela Mele

aurora pinecone

Catherine Lim


Dechen Gonnot

HW1_DechenGonnot 1_Page_1

1980 or 2014? Food box and prop-like cars.HW1_DechenGonnot 1_Page_2

Rhythm and Rhyme

HW1_DechenGonnot 1_Page_3Light, motion, blur.


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