We took a look deeper into the question “who are the daily users of this space and how can we include them into the planning process.” The charette last Thursday built off of the previous group’s work with Aurora Commons, a community living room. We were inspired by the community aspect of the Aurora Commons and really wanted to bring as much attention to this space as possible to empower the part of the community that doesn’t have much of a voice.

We weren’t sure where this focus would take us with the topic of Politics, but our final design and deliverables focused on pride of space as the first step of outreach to this demographic. We focused our attention on inexpensive and creative design solutions that brought the “living room” feeling outside and to the street.  We proposed an enclosed space using recycled, locally sourced pallets for planters and seating, incorporated a vertical green wall (suggested by an audience member), added outdoor power outlets and have The Aurora Commons logo projected at night to draw attention to the space.

In addition to the design elements, we drafted a rough copy of a grant that Aurora Commons can use to obtain a washer and dryer and created a video that gives a voice to the users of Aurora, as well as video documentation on the perspectives of Aurora from those who don’t use the space on a daily basis.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 3.27.03 PM

greenwall chair


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