Ecology of Aurora


Here we are, at the last and final charrette of the quarter. After some rearranging of dates, the Ecology team ended the quarter with a fun and energetic collaboration of ideas. There were not a lot of audience members for our last charrette, and a couple of the professionals were running late, but that didn’t affect things negatively. Everyone quickly showed up and got the event off to a great start.

There was a lot of sketching that took place from the very beginning of the discussion, which hasn’t happened so rapidly in other charrettes. As it was a plus to get things going quickly, the conversation of what “ecology” meant to the team took priority in the conversation…and dominated the conversation for nearly an hour and a half.

There was a lot of discussion back and forth about what ecologies means, but little discussion about how this translates to Aurora, or what this means specifically for this assignment. Everyone got along and there were little discrepancies on the direction and vision of the final product. The group connected their vision to all of the past charrettes (literally by masking tape), so it was visually a nice way to see the networks and how they overlap.

The final product was a combination of sketches and 3D animations that visually portrayed the concept of the discussion. Everyone participated and was engaged throughout the entirety of the night. No one’s voice was overshadowed or got lost.

Overall the team did well. It didn’t seem like they were over prepared or had a specific end goal in mind, which is perfectly fine, but a little more creativity when it came to the layout of the charrette would have been a way to change up the pace for the finally.

Cami Culbertson and Tyson Hiffman



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