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Transportation Charette


The transportation charette that took place on January 23rd was probably the most literal interpretation of a charette that has ever taken place. We had some extremely knowledgeable professionals on our panel that were highly involved in the transportation field, so the discussion wasn’t as creative as it could have been with hypothetical situations and scenarios. That being said, we did get great incite into the reality and future of transportation, as well as the processes on and around Aurora.¬† The professionals were able to pitch ideas that have been successfully implemented around Seattle and demonstrated what they would look like in the context of Aurora as it currently is.

Audience interaction was at an all time high this time around. It was great to see opposition from a local business owner and watch the reaction of the professionals as they defend their work. More audience participation will be encouraged for the politics charette.

The acoustics in the room were a challenge with the pairing of the noise level from the yearly Graduate School Happy Hour, but this allowed for a unique chance to get exposure that we otherwise wouldn’t have had from the traffic coming and going on a regular basis throughout the charette. We had an additional task to create an interactive component to the charette in order to incorporate the students in exchange for drink tickets. They were more interested in the drinks and social aspect of the event, more so than the charette, but it was fun.

The transportation charette/conversation went very well overall and we worked great as a team even though we didn’t stick to our timeline. For our next charette on politics, a more abstract design process will need to take place sooner and we will need to find appropriate ways to recognize when it is necessary to steer the conversation in another direction after a certain period of time. This was definitely a collaborative learning experience for all of us.

HISTORY | Charette Synthesis

The illustration acts as a synthesis of our design PROCESS. The involved students are products of architecture, landscape architecture, and interaction design. Two professors of architecture also joined in the fun – one a practicing architect and the other an architectural historian. Unfortunately a historian could not make it to the charette, but he was there in spirit through the historic photos he provided.
History charette reflection square